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The first Tiny Beez Centre opened in 2005. In the 10 years since then we have grown with our families and established three lively, fully subscribed Centres in Westminster, Claremont and Karrinup.

Our Team

Our passionate highly qualified educators are partners in your child’s learning. Their expertise, energy and commitment are all essential in growing each child’s confidence and capacity to learn well. They are expert listeners, sensitive observers and meticulous documenters of your child’s progress and they will communicate openly and directly with you about your child.

At Tiny Beez, engaging in life long learning is everyone’s priority. We support all our educators in ongoing professional development to ensure they are fully conversant with the principles of the Australian Early Years Framework  and up to date with the latest  innovations in early learning. We are committed to supporting everyone in our loyal and well established team to develop their full potential in this vital role.

We attract educators with internationally recognised qualifications and backgrounds and experience in a range of cultures and early learning environments. This diversity and depth in our team, enriches the range of activities and experiences on offer for your child.

Our Menu

We are committed to helping your child learn to love a healthy balanced diet.

Our yummy, nutritious menu is developed in line with the national Get Up and Grow guidelines and provides 50% of a child’s daily dietary needs.

Rotated on a six week cycle, our menu uses fresh seasonal produce bought at local markets.  We do not use artificial food colouring or highly processed food in preparing our meals.

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