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32 Chipala Rd, Westminster WA 6061

08 9440 6733


About Our Centre

Westminster is our most culturally diverse centre, attracting families from many backgrounds. We cater for our Muslim children with a carefully crafted Halal menu based on fresh seasonal produce bought locally from the Subiaco markets. As part of our commitment to sustainable nature based learning, the children enjoy becoming skillful worm farmers and expert carers for their resident rabbit and guinea pig.

37 places are available

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Age groups and numbers

  • 6 months - 2 years
  • 2 years - 3 years
  • 4 years - 5 years


Our philosophy is grounded in the following key values and commitments:

  • Inspiring a love of life long early child care learning in each child and modelling this practice in our team
  • Promoting learning through play as the optimal medium for your child  to:
    • Express who they are and honour their unique personality
    • Develop creativity, indicate preferences and construct their own understandings and concepts
    • Learn to share, socialize and build strong relationships
    • Feel good about themselves by having fun while growing their confidence and capacities
  • Partnering with our families, children and the entire team to ensure that everything we do reflects the needs and expectations of the Tiny Beez community
  • Developing our children’s sensibilities around living sustainably in a diverse community in which they are a respected and valued member

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