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Our Activities

Westminister17We value learning from our community particularly in areas of sustainability, caring for our natural environment and respecting diversity. All our centres practice recycling and develop water wise awareness. Our menus and ‘hands on’ cooking activities are based on fresh seasonal produce bought from local markets.

Our children regularly observe and care for rabbits, guinea pigs and newly hatched chickens and we visit reptile parks, patting zoos and farms.

Westminister13Our frequent Grandparents Days are a program highlight and an opportunity to share time and celebrate learning with these special family members.

We also invite visits from Aboriginal elders and performers to grow our children’s awareness of Aboriginal culture and its core value of caring for country.

Tiny Beez Centres are always open to visits from extended family and we are grateful to community and family members who led activities as diverse as: golf or art classes, spring roll making and bathing a newborn baby. We also welcome individual parents or family members who would simply like to sit quietly with a child and read a book.

If you would like your child to attend additional extracurricular fun fitness activities organised by Happy Feet. Please contact us to discuss the cost per lesson for these activities

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