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Our Curriculum

Karrinyup14Emergent play based learning is at the heart of our curriculum.  At Tiny Beez we believe that children constantly invent and organise their own curriculum based on their interests and their innate curiosity and sense of wonder at their constantly expanding world.

In short, curriculum is what actually happens in the education environment rather than what is preplanned to happen. Learning activities arise out of each child’s interests, actions or their serendipitous engagement with each other and our educators.

Here is a more detailed overview of how practical emergent learning links to the Early Years Learning Framework.

Day to day our commitment to emergent learning means that your child will be offered developmentally appropriate opportunities to learn through extended play. We believe that as active intrinsically motivated learners, children need programs based on activity and experimentation in which the process is more important than the outcome.

Karrinyup01Consequently, our in door and outdoor spaces are arranged and frequently refreshed and refurbished to support your child’s discovery based learning. We provide a child’s eye view of spaces for: art music, quiet reading and relaxing, block building, science, dramatic play, sensory and water based activities, computing, gross motor and manipulative activities. These spaces combined with our flexible and responsive routines offer a balance of indoor and outdoor activities, peaceful and boisterous play and individual and group experiences.

Our educators work along side your child as a researcher, a source of essential or enhancing props and materials and occasional advisers on potential solutions to a seemingly intractable problem.

At Tiny Beez, all curriculum plans are tentative, and open to modification based how our children respond. Our curriculum must keep pace with the children’s constantly expanding universe. While our inventive and switched on educators are constantly observing, analysing and devising new activities, they are also prepared to extend an activity that captures a child’s interest or abandon one that has comprehensively failed the fascination test.

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