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Happy Tiny Bees

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What parents say about us
  • Thanks for making every day Julian comes in special and for taking the time at the end of the day to tell me how he went, how he slept and what he’s eaten. Big thanks to the chef too, as the weekly menu always look tasty and delicious! Being part of Tiny Beez is being part of a family. Thank you so much! Birgitta de Graauw
  • From the second I step inside the door - bright and early at 7a.m! My kids and I feel so welcomed. There is a genuine interest in how we are all keeping as a family and what's happening in our lives. Fiona Kane
  • I absolutely love your work. Being an environmentally aware and responsible three year old, Keira told me off (very kindly) because I left the tap running. It was just awesome to see your water saving efforts at the Centre bear fruit so quickly. Kris van der Spoel
  • Tiny Beez is the best centre that I have been fortunate enough to send my children to and this is attributed mainly to Lara’s hard work and dedication behind the scenes. She has very strict staff standards and policies and processes, which support the well being and happiness of every child. Lucy Skillman
  • Lara has made a safe haven to enable parents to feel comfortable in returning to work. I will be eternally grateful to Lara and the Tiny Beez staff, the effects of their care and dedication will live on in our family forever. Lucy Skillman

Education & Care Centre

Tiny Beez family owned and operated Early Education and Child Care Centres welcome visits from families interested in experiencing our exceptional early learning programs for children aged 6 months to 5 years. We also offer before and after school care for the kindergarten age group.

At Tiny Beez, we nurture your child’s developing sense of ‘belonging’ being and becoming’ by immersing them in a safe and stimulating environment where they can learn through play at their own pace and in their own way.

We are absolutely:

  • Dedicated to inspiring a love for life long learning through play and exploration
  • Staffed by a team of loyal, passionate highly skilled educators
  • Skilled in developing ‘the whole child’ while providing peace of mind for parents and carers
  • Committed to partnering with families and community to offer absorbing, fun activities that engage your children with the natural environment, our diverse cultures and each other

If you feel that your child would enjoy the ‘love to learn’ buzz at one of our Centers, please enquire about our enrolments and waiting lists

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